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Since our company registration in 2009 six years ago, innovation, employment and capacity development approach have always been at the core of our company. Our commitment is to deliver quality products and deliver excellent services, as well as innovative and locally relevant consumer products that make a real difference to our customers and stakeholders across the country. We believe that the best way for us to do this, is through deep understanding of people’s needs and desires. When we sew two fabric panels together or bring together people with ideas and innovation we create the next generation of manufacturing creating and crafting things that people truly want and need. These are meaningful innovations that help people to be proud of, a product that that you can stand for, live and enjoy. This sets us apart and makes us Dinapama.
We are often asked, "What is it that you do?" We tell them, humbly and yet truthfully: we do amazing things. We help solve big challenges and “Unify” the world. That is our purpose.

Business Highlights.

As manufacturer of bags of any type and different types of clothing of client’s choice, Dinapama is now a supplier of clothes to Ohorongo Cement for the period of six years (6years) now. Dinapama has supplied clothing to a number of biggest companies in Namibia which are as follows:

  1. 2000 Conti suits for Ohorongo Cement since 2012-2014
  2. 3000 Fisher man Jackets (Media Jackets) to Namibia Breweries
  3. 5400 work wear to Scorpion Zinc Mine
  4. 12000 T-shirts to NUNW
  5. 2000 Conti Suits to Monitronics Success college

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Our work

Dinapama had further inroads supplying countries such as Angola, Cameroon and South Africa. Dinapama also supplies most of local authorities, mines, ministries and other government institutions e.g. Namibia Tourism Board, Road Authority, NWR, scorpion Zink, De Marine, Bank of Namibia, Bank Windhoek, MVA Fund just to mention a few.



Our Mission

To provide our customers with “value for money” personalised products and services based on current trends and customer needs, with the experience of each customer leading to customer retention, repeat and referred business.

Our Products

Our products are uniquely designed and manufactured to suit individual customer’s requirements, thereby giving you, our most precious customer, the rare opportunity to embrace and own every item.

Our Services

We do Embroidery on a wide range of materials, from Flat Pannels to Cylyndrical Items such as Table Cloths, Sport and Official clothing, Caps, Bags, Neck-Ties and so much more. Contact Us